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Kati Vierikko

Kati Vierikko

kati.vierikko (at)

PhD, senior researcher and docent in urban ecology. My research relates to urban biodiversity policy, urban blue-green infrastructure, nature-based solutions, human-nature interactions, and stakeholder engagement.

Role in the Project: Project coordinator and WP1 leader


Elina Nyberg

MSc (Tech), researcher at the Finnish Environment Institute. My research interests are urban blue and green infrastructures, urban environments that promote citizen wellbeing, and public participation in research.

Role in the Project: WP2 researcher

Maria Soderholm

Maria Söderholm

M.Soc.Sc, project manager. My tasks include supporting the management of data and other outputs from research projects, such as coordinating and contributing to the drafting of a data management plan.

Role in the Project: Data manager in WPX.


Hanna Nieminen

MSc (environmental policy), researcher and PhD student (University of Tampere). My research focuses on environmental governance and politics of sustainable cities, urban nature, and land use. She is especially interested in urban sustainability transitions and the role of urban nature and biodiversity as a part of cities climate change agenda.

Role in project: WP2 leader


Krister Karttunen

Researcher at Syke, expert in aquatic and wetland ecology and vegetation. Recent projects include flooded vegetation types, biodiversity in agricultural channels, developing monitoring methods of aquatic plants (WFD), restoration methods of aquatic and riparian environments.

Role in the project: WP4 and WP5 researcher


Nina Ahola

MSc, researcher at the Finnish Environment Institute. I am an urban geographer and landscape researcher currently focusing on urban green space, landscape policies, and sustainable spatial planning. My research interests link to social and cultural aspects of the environment and human-nature interaction.

Role in the project: WP2 researcher


Leena Kopperoinen

Leena Kopperoinen works as Senior Research Scientist at the Finnish Environment Institute’s Built Environment Solutions Unit (Urban Nature Group). Her background is in geography and environmental sciences. Kopperoinen has a long track in research on blue-green infrastructure, ecosystem services, nature-based solutions and social-ecological systems with a special focus on spatial planning, participatory action research and citizen science. Recently, she has actively developed urban and municipal ecosystem accounting.


Project funders: 

This research was funded through the 2020-2021 Biodiversa and Water JPI joint call for research projects, under the BiodivRestore ERA-NET Cofund (GA N°101003777), with the EU and the funding organisations The Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO), Belgium; Academy of Finland (AKA), VDI/VDE-IT, Germany; National Science Center (NCN), Poland and Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT), Portugal 

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