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University of Lisbon, Portugal




Pedro Pinho

Pedro Pinho is PHD in Biology and is working on the effects of environmental changes on ecosystems functioning and provision of services, considering changes with both natural and human origin, with a strong focus on urbanization.


Alice Nunes

Alice Nunes is PhD in Functional Ecology, working on the effects of environmental changes on ecosystem functioning, resilience and ecosystem services, and strategies to manage, adapt and restore ecosystems affected by global change, particularly, in drylands.


Bernardo Rocha

Bernardo Rocha is a PhD student in Biology, which aims at developing a global framework to use lichens diversity as an ecological indicator to track climate change impacts at the ecosystems level, both across space and time. 


Cristiana Aleixo

Cristiana Aleixo is a PhD student in Biology, whose research focuses on the role of remote sensing in the development of indicators for assessing ecosystem services in urban green areas in order to create more resilient cities. 


Cristina Antunes

Cristina Antunes is a PHD in Ecology and her research is focused on cross-scale effects of groundwater changes on woody vegetation, particularly in coastal dune ecosystems experiencing great climatic and anthropogenic pressure.  


Cristina Branquinho

Cristina Branquinho is a PhD in Biology and her research focuses on understanding ecological patterns at the ecosystem level in response to environmental changes. In general, Cristina has been involved in studying the impact of anthropogenic activity in the structure and functioning of ecosystems. 


Filipa Grilo

Filipa Grilo is a PhD student on Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution. She is focusing on urban ecology, particularly on how social and ecological filters can affect urban biodiversity, at structural and functional levels, and the consequences on the delivery of ecosystem services.


Joana Martelo

Joana Martelo is a PhD in Biology, studying the effects of temperature and biological invasions on trophic web structure and biodiversity composition in Mediterranean freshwater ecosystems.


Margarida Santos-Reis

Margarida Santos-Reis is a PhD in Biosystematics and Ecology, and her research focuses on conservation ecology, landscape genetics, and ecosystem services. This includes conservation ecology of mammals and more recently human-wildlife conflict, sustainability of the cork-oak ecosystem, conservation of Mediterranean landscapes, landscape genetics, and ecosystem services. 


Paula Gonçalves

Paula Gonçalves is a PhD on Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution, working on Biocultural Diversity in urban settings, namely the influence of biological and cultural diversities in human well-being. 


Raquel Mendes

Raquel Mendes is a PhD student in Biology, specialization in Ecology. In her thesis she is focused on the (re)connection of children and youth with nature (specifically urban green areas), using concepts of biodiversity and education for sustainability, in Lisbon schools. 


Rui Rebelo

Rui Rebelo is PhD in Biology and is working on: i) temperature effects on frewhwater trophic webs in Mediterranean-type regions; ii) ecology, impacts, and control of invasive species in aquatic ecosystems. 


Vladimíra Dekanová

Vladimíra Dekanová is a PhD in Ecology and Biodiversity Protection and her research focuses on aquatic insect and their length-mass relationships, live cycles and biomass; plant litter decomposition in freshwaters by macroinvertebrate community and human impact on this process (plant invasion and eutrophication).


Project funders: 

This research was funded through the 2020-2021 Biodiversa and Water JPI joint call for research projects, under the BiodivRestore ERA-NET Cofund (GA N°101003777), with the EU and the funding organisations The Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO), Belgium; Academy of Finland (AKA), VDI/VDE-IT, Germany; National Science Center (NCN), Poland and Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT), Portugal 

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